Waste Services

Pro-Disposal offers a full range of services that include the collection, transportation and treatment of regulated Medical waste. We offer a full range of services the expertise and resources required to safely dispose of your Medical waste. Our collection and disposal services focus on employee safety, protecting the environment, and reducing the risk for the Georgia healthcare community. We also offer training to make sure our customers are up to date on regulations and training requirements. Managing your medical waste in a safe, compliant, efficient manner and exceeding client expectations is our top priority. We are dedicated to giving your business the attention, value, and flexibility you deserve.

What Types of Regulated Medical Waste Are Accepted?

Bio-hazardous Waste – Medical waste is generally defined as any solid waste that is generated in the diagnosis, treatment, research, production or testing of biologicals for humans or animals. Any object and materials contaminated with blood and body fluids containing disease-causing micro-organisms or viruses.

Pro-Disposal Medical Waste Services will help you properly and safely manage your medical waste. We specialize in the compliant removal, treatment and disposal of medical waste. Our services are based upon employee safety, protecting the environment, and reducing compliance risk for your business. Our customers trust Pro-Disposal to routinely collect and dispose of their medical waste materials in a safe and timely fashion. Our services are flexible to match your workplace requirements.


SharpsMeans any object contaminated with a pathogen or that may be contaminated with a pathogen through handling or during transportation; and capable of cutting or penetrating skin or packaged material.

Pro-Disposal Medical Waste Services will help you properly and safely manage your sharps. We specialize in the compliant removal, treatment and disposal of your full sharp’s containers. Sharps management is one of the most important safety controls within the healthcare community. It helps reduce the risk of exposure to needle sticks, cuts, or punctures from sharps. When the container is ¾ full, seal it and we will pick it up with the rest of your bio-hazard waste. Sharps must be placed in an approved sharps container. The sealed container can be placed into the medical waste box that is lined with a red bag.


Trace Chemotherapy WasteSuch waste includes, but is not limited to, mask, gloves, gowns, empty IV tubing bags and vials, and other contaminated materials. This waste must be classified as “empty” which means such quantity that is not subject to other federal/state waste management regulations prior to being handled as biomedical waste (residue not to exceed 3% of total volume). This material should be place in a “yellow” sharps container.

Pro-Disposal Medical Waste Services can help you with the collection and disposal of your trace chemotherapy waste. We provide you with a safe and easy way to dispose of this waste in accordance with state and federal regulations. A container that held a U-listed substance is considered “RCRA empty” when there is less than 3% of the former volume left. If the applicable criteria are met, then this waste can be considered trace chemotherapy waste and can be managed as regulated medical waste and disposed of in yellow containers. Pro-Disposal will be happy to advise and work with you to ensure your facility is compliant with regulations applicable to the disposal of trace chemotherapy waste generated by your business.


Pharmaceutical WasteNon-RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste or Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical waste can include unused medications, over the counter care products, and sometimes accessories such as sharps, unused test strips, etc. The Environmental Protection Agency under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) mandates the proper disposal of any drug that meets the criteria for being a hazardous waste. Other pharmaceuticals that are not currently regulated under RCRA are called non-RCRA hazardous pharmaceuticals.

Pro-Disposal Medical Waste Services will help you properly and safely manage your non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. We specialize in the compliant removal, treatment and disposal of non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. We believe that pharmaceutical waste removal plays an integral part in protecting the environment and community from harm. Pro-Disposal provides non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal service that is simple to implement, environmentally safe and compliant with federal and state regulations. Our services will help provide savings, security and compliant support to your medical waste needs. Pharmaceutical waste poses a threat to the population and the environment if not managed properly.


Non-Acceptable Waste

  • Hazardous Waste – Drums or other containers with hazard warning sign, solvents, formalin, etc.
  • Radioactive Waste – Any container with a radioactivity level that exceeds regulatory limits.
  • Human Remains – Cadavers, aborted fetuses.
  • Bulk Chemotherapy – Antineoplastic/cytotoxic drugs or other RCRA listed hazard pharmaceuticals.
  • Glass Thermometers – Thermometers or any other devices or solutions containing mercury.
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders – Canister, Inhalers, and Aerosol Cans.